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What Are The Perks Of UPVC Window And Doors?

Have you ever wondered why you should go for UPVC as a door and window material? This post will explain some of the benefits of this window type. But first, what is UPVC? An acronym for unplasticised polyvinylchloride – one of the advanced materials used in designing doors and windows.

Let’s consider 10 advantages of using windows and doors made from UPVC.

  1. Easy to customise: The usual colour of UPVC, either as a facia, window or door, is white. Fortunately, advancement in manufacturing has made this material available in other great colours. They also come in patterns, shapes and effects that can be customised. The best part is that installers can design your UPVC products anyhow you want them. This means that your windows and doors can be made to match your building decor.
  1. Safety: As openings in buildings, doors and windows are the target channels for burglars or attacks. This implies that the security of the building depends on how strong these fixtures are. And this is where UPVC excels. Its very light and toughened frame combined with double glazing and different lock combinations make it very difficult to be breached.
  2. Very good insulator: The energy efficiency of doors and windows comes down to the material used, which is an important feature homeowners look out for. As for UPVC, the material conducts less heat, and when properly fitted, it forms a closed air system that doesn’t allow heat to escape.
  3. Maintenance is on the low: As a synthetic material, UPVC requires less maintenance. It’s not like natural door and window materials whose maintenance would need sanding, varnishing and a repaint every year. UPVC needs a little cleaning with soapy water – this takes out dirt and keeps stains at bay. With this, your UPVC can last for several years with zero sign of wear.
  4. Long-lasting: When it comes to toughness, UPVC is one of the toughest materials. This characteristic makes it a survivor of harsh weather conditions. Again, corrosion and rust are not a problem with UPVC. So, if you have a building by the sea where high salt content may pose a threat, UPVC is the material to use. Another great quality of UPVC is that they don’t lose their sheen from too much exposure to sunlight. Thanks to the protective coating, the material is designed with.
  5. Airflow is super: In whatever form you get UPVC as a window material, be sure it will allow the space to get enough air. Take, for example, the tilt and turn form of the UPVC window. As the name implies, it is configured to have two windows opening in two different directions. This, the airflow is free of draft. If you tilt the window inside, heat can be disseminated via the openings on the side and top. When the window is turned to a fully open position, the airflow is rapid. The space can be ventilated almost immediately. This comes in handy when there is a need for a room to cool quickly.
  1. Eco-friendly material: UPVC can last between 40 to 80 years on average. And the materials used in making them are mainly those that can be recycled so that their effect on the environment is very low over the years. When you have UPVC doors and windows replacement, find out from your fitter whether the disposal method will be professional enough to be sure of recycling. As a recycled material, UPVC finds use in manufacturing products like plumbing fittings, pipes, etc.
  1. Resistant to weather: When the elements act on materials used outside a building, they tend to wear. Thankfully, UPVC has no reaction to moisture and air and are anti-weather. This implies that they are durable and don’t age easily. That UPVC is weatherproof doesn’t mean you should go on using them without any care. They should be cared for regularly, especially those installed outside the building, like the facets and soffits, to make sure they last long.
  1. Minimal noise: Combined with double glazing panels, UPVC can reduce noise coming from outside. This will allow you some peace inside your house. Compared to other conventional materials, doors and windows made from UPVC are likely to decrease the noise by 50 percent. You can do much more when your home is serene.
  2. Fireproof: According to building regulations, door and window frames and units must be manufactured from fireproof materials that won’t encourage combustion. And UPVC meets this standard of fire safety as the material can hold out an external fire for half an hour so you can escape or help comes.

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Our final words

Suppose you’ve been sceptical about UPVC doors and windows. In that case, it’s now glaring that their performance is amazing, and they fit even in the worse atmospheric conditions. Would you like a window and door upgrade? You can switch to UPVC material and enjoy the above and many more benefits.

Care should be taken when deciding where to get commercial glazing services, as poorly installed UPVC will not bring all the discussed perks. Contact us for more information on UPVC, how it works, and how to get the most out of them. Need a quote? Give us a call.

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