Kitchen Decoration

Trending Ideas for Your Kitchen Decoration

Kitchens are no longer limited in use like years ago. Homeowners had to spend more time in this space. The kitchen now switches in functionality from the traditional dishwashing and food preparation area to a temporary office where remote jobs can be performed. Having grown into a more professional space, it makes sense for the kitchen to have the appeal for today’s applications. So, we have put together great ideas for your kitchen decoration that captures trendy finishes, colour and textures that will be useful this year and more years to come.

Kitchen decoration tips

It is possible to switch up your kitchen a bit or completely to suit your lifestyle and choices. The availability of modern, near-to-life designs is making this prospect even more achievable. You can count on the wide range of high-performing textures, tones, and patterns on the market and more still on capable hands like ours to enjoy a classy kitchen than you would have imagined.

Modern themes for kitchen decoration

These days, we find designs for the kitchen exuding more warmth than the initial. And that is largely because the kitchen has evolved in function. Long gone are the days the kitchen took on dull tones just because it was meant for only cooking and food prep. For most people, the kitchen is now a place to hide away from the harsh unprecedented social and economic outbursts. This is why the kitchen is now made to have an allure of relief and welcome, so people feel more alive while inside.

Add a touch of nature-driven design

Bright-toned wallpaper designs have survived throughout the years when it comes to kitchen design. The fact that they light up the space gives credence. But if you choose to go with a floral patterned wallpaper design, you will end up igniting liveliness, brightness and spaciousness in the entire kitchen and dining area. This choice will also make the space look light.

Still speaking of nature, some nature-themed designs like wood can add more allure to your kitchen. And yes, it can be used in conventional and modern-day kitchens.

Go green!

Interior Painters and Decorators in this coming year will do more of green and mint green kitchens because of their silent appeal. Green is a colour of nature, and there is no better way of feeling nature on the inside than applying green tones to kitchen walls and corners. And, of course, these patterns are a good fit for surfaces made from marbles and brass.

Have you ever thought of a green and pink combo? There is a lot of beauty in adorning a dark green wall with pink cabinets, especially if you are in the mood to try something new. Though pink may not seem compatible, the idea of using it against active floral tones is to bring in nature, particularly for people who may just love that natural component in their colour pattern.

All-white kitchens are fast fading

There is no denying the classic all-white colour pattern kitchens carry has a great allure, but this year is going to see a move away from this style. The major deciding factor is that this colour pattern lacks warmth, emotion, and personal expressions.  Keeping an all-white kitchen sparkling and spotless takes so much and hence another reason why it won’t be around for much longer.

Light neutral colours are taking over from the whites. Watch out for more modern-day kitchens splashed in grey, light blue and other amazing neutral colours.

How to decorate a small kitchen

As the name implies, small kitchens lack space, but they can make up for that with a choice of light neutral colours. We suggest baby blue colours to create the illusion of a comfortable space. Pale pink tones are also a good choice as they can enhance the lighting in kitchens without natural lighting.

Kitchen decor at Paint Works London

Have an idea to decorate your kitchen? Don’t know how to improve your kitchen appearance? We can help with our out-of-the-box expert painting, wallpaper, and decoration services. You can consult us for internal colouring that will bring your kitchen to a beautiful standard. Give us a call now for kitchen refurbishment in London and thank us later. We are specialists when it comes to decorating kitchens, whether big or small, and you can leverage this to have the kitchen of your dream.

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