Hacks Of Fixing The Unwanted Gaps In Your Timber Flooring

Hacks Of Fixing The Unwanted Gaps In Your Timber Flooring

Have you found some traces of gaps somewhere in between the timber flooring? Don’t get afraid because it’s a common phenomenon that many Australians face. When you have used solid timber flooring for your house, it can happen in any season. 

Before you start planning for fixing the gap with the DIY hacks shown on the video channels, you must understand the underlying reasons that have caused the gaps in the first place. Get to know some of those in the following.

Reason 1: Fluctuation in Humidity:

One of the most crucial reasons for it to happen is humidity fluctuation. The solid timber flooring in Caringbah is 100% natural. Therefore, when the moisture level increases, the wood expands, and on the contrary, when the humidity level comes down a bit, the wood tries to come back to its previous position. And, that’s how a contraction, followed by a gap appears. 

Reason 2: Improper Installation:

The second probable reason for which the timber flooring in Caringbah may get separated earlier than expected is the time when the installation is not done appropriately. Wood is subjected to expansion and contraction. If the professional fails to install the floorboard keeping these factors in mind, the result is evident.

Reason 3: Poor Quality Wood:

The next reason is the row, of course, the poor quality of wood. If the wood is not good enough to sustain the expansion or any other natural changes that occur with wood, problems will undoubtedly appear. So, make sure the wood you choose for your house is good enough to last long without causing any problem.

How to Mend the Gaps in Wooden Floor:

Now, let’s come to the point of fixing the gaps that have appeared on the floor. To mend the gaps of the wooden floor, you are meant to take the necessary steps.

  • Don’t Delay Acting:

The more you delay mending or fix the gap in the floor; the more dust and dirt will get space to ooze inside the gap. However, don’t take any step abruptly if you are not experienced enough to do it yourself. Consult with the professionals working with timber flooring in Caringbah for years now and take the required steps accordingly.

  • Use the Right Gap Fillers:

If you have decided to use the gap fillers all by yourself, be sure of using the right gap fillers that do not come out abruptly. A pool of varieties in gap fillers is available out there, and you should choose the one that matches with your timber flooring. For instance, to cover up a high-glossy finished wooden floor, you cannot just use stained gap fillers.

  • Know the Repairing Instruction First:

Before you take any step, it is crucial to go through the repairing instruction for the kind of wood floorboard you have. You must remember that just like the wood, the fillers can also suck in the moisture. Make sure that the fillers do not get damaged as well, and you can do that by following the specific repairing instruction manual.

Talk to the professionals specialising in repairing and maintenance of timber flooring in Caringbah or simply call them up in case of any confusion as they will save you from wasting any more money.

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