Factors That Impact The Cost Of Pergolas In Sydney

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Pergolas In Sydney

Pergola is an additional instalment to the existing patio or garden. Pergola Sydney prices are based on the material and other related things. In this article, let us discuss some of the factors that impact the cost of pergolas.

Pergola is a normal structure that supports vines and fruits. In the past, there were no roofs for pergolas but in recent days most of the house owners in Sydney are constructing a roof for extra shade and protection. Based on the position there are two types of pergolas. They are free-standing pergolas and pergolas attached to the main building or decks. The gazebo is similar to pergolas and even the cost of installing both pergolas and gazebo is same. Pergolas add extra beauty for the patio or the building.

Benefits of Pergola
  • Pergolas increase the value of the property as it increases the overall space of the living area. To increase the value of the property choose material with good finish and look. 
  • Pergolas are the best area for having entertainment, party, relaxation and small family functions.
  • You can enjoy outdoor activities even in all- weather conditions. Pergola act as a protecting sheet from hot sun and rain. 
  • Pergola act as a supporting structure for the vines and climbing plants. You can also grow some useful fruit plants like grapes and kiwi.

Pergola Sydney prices are affected by various factors. Material, type of pergola used, labour, roof option, and other extra attachments are some of the factors the effect the cost of installing pergolas. 


Material is one of the main factors which impact the cost of pergola. Aluminium, wood, hardwood and stainless steel are used for constructing pergolas in Sydney.


The labour cost is another important factor affecting the price of the pergola. Each contractor will have different rates and it also varies based on the area of installation. On average the labour cost of installing pergolas is approximately $50.

Pergola type:

The price of installing pergola depends on the type of pergola. There are different types of pergola. Freestanding and attached pergola are two types of pergola that are commonly used in Sydney. If you need roof and side covering then you must spend a little extra for the roof and sidewalls. If you need colour bond roofing for the pergola then the overall cost will increase.


Before constructing the pergola you need to level the area. If the area is already at a proper level then you need not spend extra money on levelling but if it is not on a proper level you must spend extra money on levelling the area.

Extra options:

The cost of pergola increases if you purchase furniture like swing, sofa, and table.

The cost of pergola also differs based on the place and the working method. Before starting the work have clear planning of the design and material. Select the best material for a good result. Select an experienced and professional contractor for constructing pergola.

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