3 Bedroom Apartment Plan with Classico Roma

Apartment designs with three bedrooms provide additional space for families, groups such as college students, or anybody looking to expand out in their living area. These plans typically include 3 bedrooms and 2 or 2.5 bathrooms and have a typical size of 800 – 1400 sq ft (approximately 75 – 130 m2).

Considerations for the Kitchen

Because 3-bedroom apartment designs are built to accommodate 4 or more inhabitants, the floor plans often include a bigger kitchen, a larger living room, and a dedicated dining space. More counter space and full-size appliances are common in the kitchen.

Some kitchen plans have a peninsula counter with bar seating, which is ideal for preparing a quick breakfast for one or two people. It’s also a perfect spot to put up a laptop for business or to examine recipes, or for children to complete their schoolwork.

The kitchen should ideally contain upper and lower cabinet storage as well as a separate pantry section.

The Living Area

The living room in a three-bedroom apartment design should be spacious enough to accommodate a couch and coffee table, as well as a loveseat or chair, so that all occupants may relax together.

If you reside in a colder location, some apartment apartments may offer a fireplace, which is a wonderful amenity. Consider how your current furniture will fit and where you want to put your entertainment center as you look at the living rooms in 3-bedroom floor plans.

In terms of eating, you’ll typically notice a spot on the floor plan designated for a full-size dining table and seats to suit everyone living in the apartment.


Washing As the population grows, so does the amount of laundry. Apartment layouts at the larger end of the size spectrum will often have a complete laundry room.

Smaller apartments may include a laundry closet or a space in the bathroom or kitchen that may fit a stacked washer/dryer.


Storage space is also essential in a three-bedroom apartment layout. Many designs will incorporate a coat closet in the entryway, a linen closet, and walk-in closets in some or all of the bedrooms.


In terms of levels, 3-bedroom apartment designs might be one or two floors tall. One-story three-bedroom and two-bathroom plans are more prevalent. The most common design has an ensuite bathroom in the principal bedroom, as well as a second full bathroom shared by the other two bedrooms.

Depending on the size of the flat, one of the bathrooms may have a full bathtub, while the other may just have a walk-in shower. If everyone in your family likes soaking, search for layouts with two full bathtubs.

If the house is two stories, there is usually a half bath below and three bedrooms and two baths above. This layout is also common in townhouses and certain condo buildings.

Outside Access

Access to a private outdoor area, such as a balcony or patio, is typically valued in apartment life. It’s ideal for storing bikes, scooters, and other sporting equipment. Outside access allows for alfresco eating, a small play area, or growing a patio garden in numerous pots.

There is a 3-bedroom apartment design out there for you whether you are a family, a group of tenants seeking to share a bigger place, or a couple that wants a separate guest room and office.

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